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Professional approach
to solving your tasks
How to attract more participants to your event?
How to design and prepare high-quality bib numbers in no time?
How to choose the right timing?
How to increase the appeal and the enjoyment factor of your event for the participant?
How to boost the loyalty of participants to your events?
How to attract more sponsors and partners?
Our services
Electronic timing and results

Mandatory service at any modern sporting event. Quickly, accurately and professionally.

Registration of participants and receiving payments

Create a landing page for your event and configure a convenient form of receiving applications and starting contributions from participants.


Save time and resources using a quick and unique participant identification service for your event.

Event photo service
The best way to keep the emotions of the participants for a long time is personal photos and videos to each athlete. Convenient service for the participant and organizer.
and promotion
We will tell about your event to the entire running sports community.

Medals and merchandise
Full production cycle for providing high -quality affordable souvenir products and sports merchandise.

Medal engraving
Laser engraving of the participant's name and result on the finishers medals.

We will take your event to a new level
Event without us
Event with us
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We will prepare an individual offer for you
If nothing came up, contact our manager. He will consult you and prepare for you a customized offer that is suitable for your event.
Our advantages
  • Project approach
    We are able to assume any task from the organizer on a turnkey basis, based on well established business processes and highest quality standards
  • Usage and implementation of new technologies
    We automate business processes and increase the effectiveness of services within the company and for also for our customers, allowing them to grow with us
  • Broad expertise
    We organise events on every level: from the simplest park races to complex multi-sport multi-day races
  • Support at all stages of the event
    We give a professional consultation to clarify any organizational issue in the first request to us
  • Saving organizer's time and effort
    Because we know the organizer's requirements, we are able to reduce their involvement to a minimum whilst maintaining a high level of quality
  • Focus on results
    Our focus is on the result, clearly maintaining the goal and achieving it at all costs
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How do we work
Leave a request
Call us or leave a message on the website. A personal manager will get back to you shortly
Clarify the details with a consultant
Get a professional initial consultation of the manager on all technical and organizational issues
Prepare an individual offer
A personal manager will prepare a special offer that is perfect for your event
Signing a contract
Together with our manager, you can fill out a necessary documents and conclude a contract for the provision of services
Together we make your event unique
Due to an integrated approach, we ensure the creation of an ideal event step by step
Join the club of the best
We invite you to cooperate
We look forward to welcoming new organizers, advertisers and sponsors of sports events
Witisi Sport GmbH - Let's make your event unique!
  • Electronic timing
  • Athlete registration
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Automation at the event
  • Medal engraving
  • Photo service of the event
  • Sports merchandise
  • Organization of the events on a turnkey basis
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